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Downton Abbey: A New Era

Assembly Objective:

How many of us change our speech, look or behaviour when we’re with other people? Who will tell us how to be ourselves when we forget who we are, and how does God view us? This assembly examines the idea that a true friend will speak the truth to us, and that God judges us by our hearts, not how we look or speak. Through an Old Testament story, and a proverb, students will consider Christian teaching on identity and friendship, and be challenged to be honest friends to one another. Continue reading

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The Tide Going Out

Assembly Objective:

  • How can we help young people talk about death? This assembly invites students to think about what the Bible teaches about life and death, reminding them that God’s love is unchanging. It aims to help engage with this timely subject with pastoral sensitivity, opening a conversation that offers hope to young people who are suffering from grief or loss.

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