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How should Christians balance self-preservation with engaging with a needy world?

The reclusive nation of Wakanda prompts students to consider different Christian approaches to engaging with the world.

What’s so special about the Bible?

Rey’s discovery of the original Jedi sacred texts leads the students to consider what Christians believe about origins of the Bible and its importance to their daily lives.

What is the church?

Thor’s realisation that Asgard is a people, not a place, provides students with the opportunity to grasp a similar understanding about the Christian church.

What makes us us?

The apparent presence of the Doctor’s deceased companion Bill, really a replica with Bill’s memories downloaded into advanced computer hardware, prompts consideration of the nature of human consciousness.

What responsibility do the rich have for the poor?

The villain in Spider-Man Homecoming is forced into desperate measures by financial necessity. This lesson considers who (besides himself) should take responsibility for his situation.

Who is to blame for suffering in the world?

Students consider the impact that a suffering world has on some people’s reaction to God.

Why do some Christians believe violence is always wrong, even in times of war?

The principled stand of a conscientious objector who became an army medic helps students to consider different Christian perspectives on fighting in war.

In what circumstances might it be right to do the wrong thing?

This lesson thinks about the different values that shape the way different people make moral decisions, either accepting or rejecting established rules.

What evidence might lead someone to believe in God?

Sherlock’s deductions prompt students to consider what evidence might lead someone to believe in God.


star-trek-beyondHow should I consider people who are different to me?

This lesson encourages students to consider the part played by prejudice in undermining such respect, and to understand the Christian basis for showing respect to others.

captain-america-civil-warIn what way does forgiveness benefit the forgiver?

Contrasting approaches to revenge and forgiveness lead students into considering a biblical perspective on forgiveness.

Bridge of Spies DVDDoes everybody have human rights?

The case of what legal privileges and protections should be extended to a foreign spy in America during the Cold War prompts students to  consider the question of how widely human rights should be applied.

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