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Latest NEW Primary Assemblies

How should we celebrate Harvest?

This assembly explores Harvest as both a time of celebration and for showing concern for others.


How should we treat our enemies?

This assembly introduces children to Jesus’ most radical teaching about loving one’s enemies.


Who will remember me?

This assembly explores ideas about death and the afterlife and offers a biblical perspective for consideration.

How should we treat other people?

This assembly introduces children to Jesus’ Golden Rule through considering how Paddington treats others.


Why is it wrong to steal?

This assembly considers what the Bible teaches about stealing.


Latest NEW Secondary Assemblies

How do we respond to being treated badly by others?

This assembly explores how to tackle injustice on a personal and global scale, and presents a biblical response to the question of how we should treat those who are different to us. It encourages students to demonstrate kindness and empathy towards others.

Can you buy whatever you want and still be a responsible citizen?

Suitable for use at Harvest, this assembly explores our responsibility as global citizens to share the resources we have on our planet.

How do we find contentment in life?

This assembly explores how our values and beliefs affect our relationships with other people. It presents a biblical perspective on wealth and possessions, stressing the importance of friends and family to our emotional wellbeing.

Is there such a thing as right and wrong?

This assembly explores issues of right and wrong, and presents a biblical answer to the question of how to make the right choices. It encourages students to look for help from other people, and from reliable sources.

Can human beings be divided into good and evil?

This assembly uses an excerpt from Wonder Woman to consider the Christian perspective that everyone is good, made in the image of God, but everyone has also rebelled against God, and is capable of evil action.

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