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Sixth Form Conferences

We are delighted to provide the school Sixth Form Conferences which we successfully ran as part of Damaris for two decades, and which we have now updated to relate to the mandatory teaching of fundamental British values whilst still fulfilling the legal requirements for RE and SMSC at 16-18.

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Sixth Form Conferences we currently offer:

  • Ethics in an Age of Science. Explores the issue of genetic testing in criminal prosecutions. By focusing on a landmark case study, students explore how such initiatives derive from a particular worldview that challenges the cornerstone principle of individual liberty in our current rule of law.
  • That’s a Good Argument.  Equips students with the skills to assess and construct sound arguments relating to the (non)existence of God; such skills are vitally important in the promotion of respect and tolerance in a country of many different faiths and beliefs.
  • President for a Day Experience. Explores a Judeo-Christian response to the issue of global debt; through assuming the role of the President of a fictitious African state, students learn about the functioning of democracy and political engagement both in Africa and in the UK.

‘The UK government now requires all schools actively to promote ‘fundamental British values’. These contemporary ‘British’ values have, in fact, been developed over many years across diverse cultures. I am pleased to see that the team at Ethos Education is developing Sixth-Form Conferences that will enable sixth-formers to explore the historical and philosophical context of these values.’ Dr Daniel Hill, Philosophy Department, University of Liverpool.

‘Ethos Education builds upon the influential, inspirational and effective work of the Global Student Forum. As the DFID programme evaluator of that work I had the privilege of seeing how Sixth Formers of all different faiths and backgrounds engaged in thinking about the big issues of the day and learned how to respond to them in a rational and thoughtful way. I am delighted that this work is being continued, especially as it has profound implications for the way young British citizens will think and act as global citizens.’ Prof Alan Penny, former DFID Senior Regional Education Adviser.

‘Sixth formers are at a crucial point in the formation of their own ideas and ideals and it is a key time when enriching and stimulating opportunities will help them explore the most important concepts of our time, including those spotlighted by the Government’s fundamental British values, such as notions of tolerance, respect and understanding. It is a real advantage to have experienced and specialist approaches such as those provided by Ethos Education, who are adept at creating such opportunities.’ Dr Bob Bowie, Principal Lecturer in Education, Canterbury Christ Church University.

To enquire about our Sixth Form Conferences contact our School Conference Manager, Ellen Dennis, using this form:

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