Ethos Education

A Level Religious Education

461291-Oxforduniversitypresslogoo-1352180182-333-640x480Together with Oxford University Press we are piloting the provision of resources for the philosophy modules of A Level Religious Education.

Each lesson provides:

  • downloadable video clip from Arguments For The Existence of God or Ethical Theories both published by Oxford University Press.
  • a full lesson plan built around that clip.
  • downloadable worksheets at two levels for differentiated learning.
  • background reading as professional development material for teachers.
  • the option of an online masterclass from an expert on the area of philosophy covered in the lesson.

We invite all A Level RE teachers to feedback comments on the following two free pilot lessons:

Aquinas’ Cosmological Arguments

Alevel Aquinas

View this lesson, including downloadable worksheets, video and professional development material for teachers.

Kant’s Objection to the Ontological Argument

Alevel Kant obj

View this lesson, including downloadable worksheets, video and professional development material for teachers.

Wplease complete surveyhen you have looked at these two pilot lessons, please fill in our online survey to feedback your comments.

Our goal is to create a number of lessons based around a set of downloadable clips from Arguments For The Existence of God and Ethical Theories – both published by Oxford University Press.

cover cover2 get full OUP DVDs

What teachers say about these resources from Oxford University Press:

  • It enabled students who had previously struggled with the concept of ontology to discuss the matter and thus provided encouragement prior to sitting the examination. The accompanying worksheets are excellent and will support non-specialist teachers as well as students. The ideas are clearly presented and provide scope for excellent discussion-based learning. They also provide the basis for further reading and independent study. (Martin Campion, Ursuline School, Kent)
  • Succinctly presented and accessible summaries that students will respond well to. Relevant extension points to move gifted students in the right direction. (Patrick Garton, Head of Faculty, The Cherwell School)
  • The clarity of these resources will make these valuable learning aids for students and teachers alike. They will be springboards for further discussion and will enthuse students to delve into the world of philosophy and ethics. (Leanne Dorn, RE teacher and Head of PSHE, The Cherwell School)
  • Great info, good stylistically which I feel will work well with my pupils. (Mark Readman, Head of RE, Sponne School)
  • Very accessible videos, and will be very popular with students. (Hannah Louis, RE teacher, Sponne School)
  • We have been using the new DVD A level Philosophy and Ethics resource to do revision with our students. The response from students and my colleagues has been very positive! The worksheets have been very helpful. Well done to OUP for creating such a helpful teaching resource. Keep them coming! (Rick Mearkle, Head of Religious Studies and RPSE, Chaplain, Caterham School)

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