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READ FIRST: Finding a suitable FREE Assembly


To find a suitable FREE assembly use one of these options:

  • On the Assemblies drop-down menu are sub-menus for Years 1-2, Years 3-6 and Years 7-11. These will show you all the available assemblies for the selected year groups (NB many of the assemblies for Years 1-6 are included in both primary categories because they are suitable for all these school years).
  • Towards the bottom of the side menu are clickable module categories for Assemblies. These will show you all the available assemblies in those categories (across all the year groups).
  • At the bottom of each assembly are clickable links. These will show you related assemblies and others in the same module category or year group.
  • As more people join us and support this site we will add more assemblies based on the latest films.

5 thoughts on “READ FIRST: Finding a suitable FREE Assembly

  1. please help
    need an assembly about emmeline pankhurst to be finished for this week


  2. Do you have an assembly about Mulan please?


    • Sorry, we don’t at the moment. But all such requests are sent through to our editorial team who take account of them in planning which films to utilise for future assemblies/lessons. Thank you for your request.


  3. Hi! I just couldn’t stop thinking about my cousin’s son while going through this article because he’s been assigned by his teacher to present a simple chemistry experiment in front his classmates next week. I really like the idea of catering our scientific activities in elementary school according to the students’ level of understanding to keep them entertained and well-informed. I’ll surely remind his teachers about this detail so the end result will be great.


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